Three-day Workshop on “Training and Placement Cell Activity, Barclay” by RubiCon

Department of Civil Engineering

Academic Year 2019-20

 Report on Three-day Workshop on

“Training and Placement Cell Activity, Barclay by RubiCon”


  1. Event Title- “Training and Placement Cell Activity, Barclay” by Rubi Con


  1. Event Date – 22/08/2019 – 24/08/2019


  1. Event Conduction Duration – 09.00 am to 6.00 pm


  1. Event Venue – Class Room no 305 SVKM Dhule


  1. Name of Event Coordinator with contact details:

     Mr Kumud Lagade

     Dr.S.B.Randhawane. (HOD Civil),

    Faculty Advisors, SVKM IOT Dhule


Contact no: – +918160180980, +917798256510


  1. Event Outline


                The training & Placement club Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal’s IOT conducted a three-day workshop “Employment training session Personality Development” from 22th Aug to 24th Aug 2019.The workshop was conducted by industry experts Mr. Kumud Lagade from Ruby Con Trainer Lead Trainer and Facilitator, The workshop began at 09:00 am on 22th Aug 2019 with the inauguration of the workshop. The dignitaries on the dias included the guests as well as the Principal SVKM IOT, Prof.Nilesh Salunke. The students were divided into groups of 5 making a total of 11 groups. The students were then taught the basics of personality development often takes place in a baby before he has learned language or basic communication skill. terms. After lunch 2 of the teams were taken “Decoding Leadership & SWOT analysis” A three days’ workshop with many practical tools & techniques to learn Leadership & Success skills for a Happy life !!

          The next day i.e. 23th Aug 2019, next two teams were taken for the Games. After those teams the last 11 teams were taken for Communication skills. Importance of groups in organization, and Team Interactions in group, Group Building Decision Taking, Team Building, Interaction with the Team, how to build a good team?

 The third day of the workshop began in the morning with the flying sessions. The team leaders got the opportunity to Lead the Group. The workshop further continued in the seminar hall with some more theory sessions that included

In total we estimate this exercise will take 30 minutes.

• To provide an opportunity to explore a variety of situations experienced during the working day and consider how best to handle each one assertively.

In total we estimate this exercise will take 20 minutes.

• To explore how your participants feel about a variety of changes.

The event was graced by the presence of the Mr Kumud Lagade Ruby Con Trainer Lead Trainer and Facilitator Dhule. He talked about the emerging trends in the aerospace industry and also interacted with the students about the importance of all the branches of engineering in today’s date. The workshop was concluded by the distribution of certificates by our esteemed guests and photo session.


Methodology Suggested (1) Lecture (2) Games (3) Group Discussion (4) Case Studies Time Schedule 1. Lecture cum discussion on leadership concepts – 45 minutes 2. Exercise of tower building – 60 minutes and discussion 3. TP Leadership style questionnaire & Construction of Personal Leadership style profiles – 30 minutes 4. Experience sharing – 45 minutes Total – 180 minutes



  1. Objective of the Event


The main objectives of the event were:

  • The students should be able to put theoretical knowledge into practical.
  • To increase the ability of the students to work as a team
  • The aim of economic developmentis to improve the material standards of living by raising the absolute level of per capita incomes. Raising per capita incomes is also a stated objective of policy of the governments of all developing


  1. Outcome of the Event


  • The students were able to successfully build their personality.
  • The students learnt the basic principles of Personality.

     3)Learning a language will improve some of your key skills such as negotiating, communication and problem solving and it will give you more confidence. Studies also show that learning another language increases your brain capacity, improves your memory and helps stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s.



  1. Event photos which must include photos of event conduction and valedictory ceremony.