I am excited to share my thoughts on the evolution of the electrical engineering department. The department has a good number of experienced faculty members and is well-established. The department works to produce interdisciplinary electrical engineers who are competent, disciplined, and acknowledged across the world. The department’s laboratories are all spacious and well-equipped. Faculty members have contributed to several articles and patents that have been presented at reputable national and international conferences and journal publications. The department takes the initiative to provide workshops and seminars on a variety of cutting-edge topics, including power quality, electric vehicles, and others. Various field expert lectures, technical tours, and industrial trips are occasionally organised for the students’ overall growth. As part of the department’s ongoing commitment to producing graduates who are employable in a variety of industries, governmental agencies, the public sector, and international enterprises, numerous training programmes for fundamental electrical subjects as well as various software and programming languages have been organised.The Department of Electrical Engineering aspires to become a centre of competence in a number of electrical engineering disciplines, including smart grid, power quality, energy management, electric vehicles, and solar and PV technologies. The Electrical Engineering Student Association (EESA) encourages departmental students to participate in regional, national, and international competitions like KPIT Sparkle, Smart India Hackathon, Robocon, Avishkar, etc.