Computer department faculty achievement

Computer Engineering Department faculties giving best results in achievements too. Following are the key achievements:

 Faculty Achievement 2023-24

Awards Achievements (Staff & Students)

  1. Dr. Makarand Shahade(HOD, Computer Engineering) has successfully completed course on “Accreditation of Undergraduate Engineering Program” with Elite+Silver under Study Webs of Active-Learning for Young-Aspiring-Minds (Swayam) July-2021
  2. Dr. Makarand Shahade successfully filled Patent on ECG based Automatic and Dynamic System for Heart Disease Prediction
  3. Prof. Tukaram Gawali has received “Top Performing Mentor Award” for the course ‘Programming in Java’ from NPTEL.
  4. Prof. Tukaram Gawali has successfully filled Patent on ‘Sensor-Based Intelligent Digital Nose for Analysing the Breathing Patterns of Lung Cancer Patients using Machine Learning’.
  5. Prof. Ashish Awate Completed Microsoft Certification in ‘AI-900′(Artificial Intelligence) and ‘DP-900′(Data Processing)
  6. Under the guidance of Prof. Bhushan Nandwalkar students team were selected for DTE Project Level competition on District and Nashik Region Level.
  7. Prof. Khalid Alfatmi & Prof. Mayuri Kulkarni were Final Judge  and Principal Evaluator at National Level Project Competition-Toyacathon-2021
  8. Prof. Ashish Awate was Principal Evaluator for National Level Project Competion
  9. Prof. Bhushan Nandwalkar was Mentor in Smart India Hackthon for Software edition and their group was selected in Top 8 Ranking.
  10. Prof. Ashish Awate and Prof. Mayuri Kulkarni were Mentor in Smart in Hackathon for Hardware Edition.
  11. Prof. Khalid Alfatmi and Group’s one paper selected in Scoupous Journal and one paper selected in IEEE Proceedings.
  12. Prof. Mayuri Kulkarni and Group’s paper selected in Springer .
  13. Prof. Ashish Awate in among top 2% Topper in NPTEL Aug-Oct 2018 for “Database Management System” out of 3764 candidates.
  14. Prof. Bhushan Nandwalkar received Elite in NPTEL Aug-Oct 2018 for “Database Management System” out of 3764 candidates.