Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities

Applied Sciences and Humanities of First year Engineering in SVKM’s Institute of Technology, Dhule provides detail theoretical and practical knowledge about all basic engineering courses which helps them to develop problem solving skills and to become a perfect engineer for the society. Applied Sciences and Humanities subjects are the backbone of all engineering subjects.

First Year Engineering Department help students to develop their understanding toward fundamentals of engineering and makes them capable of solving the problems of the society. First Year Engineering includes Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics, Engineering Maths, Communication Skills and other basic engineering subjects.

Applied Physics and chemistry are taught at first year level only. The laboratories are well equipped with excellent infrastructure to carry various analysis and conduct all practicals in the field of Solid State Physics and Optics.

Engineering mathematics is language of science & engineering. Engineering students must have an ability to apply mathematical knowledge and skills to problem solving and engineering design tasks. Mathematical expertise can be used to design and build products, for data analysis, and to make predictions. Mathematics has played a significant role in the development of modern technology. By understanding mathematical relationships, engineers can create models that help them design and test products. Communication Skills subject is taught up to third year of engineering to strengthen interpersonal communication and nonverbal communication so as to transform them into better professionals. It helps them to improve the communication skills in organizational context. It hones their written communication to make their logical thinking more effective so they produce productive reports in organization.

First Year Engineering is also actively engaged in the applied research activities. The first year department is producing maximum numbers of technical papers in National, International and peer reviewed journal. Every year department is organising different expert lectures for the overall growth of students and arranging industrial visit to develop student’s relations with different industries.

Vision of the Department

Providing engineering foundation to nurture socially responsible professionals.

Mission of the Department

M1: To develop skills to apply the fundamentals of Applied Sciences in Engineering.

M2: To cultivate the attitude of cooperation, coordination and leadership.

M3: To strengthen the learners with technology based learning.