“Internshala Internship” Talk by Krushnna Baviskar dated on 11th July 2019

“How to gain experience and pocketmoney while in college?”

This is the main aim of today’s talk by our student Mr. Krushnna Baviskar(T.Y.BTech Computer Engineering) through his talk.The separate talks were conducted at all classes of SVKM’s Institute of Technology, Dhule. 

Krushnna Baviskar is the Internshala Student partner in our campus. 

Following points were discussed with students regarding internship through Internshala:

Why you should do an Internship?

Doing an internship at this time will be a plus point on your resume and will also give you an edge over other students. It will also help you to –

  1. Gain financial Independence: Who doesn’t want to be financially stable in life? Everyone does, right? Doing internships ultimately helps you to be financially independent. Students like you and me can start earning pocket money in college through internships and will not have to depend on our parents for monthly expenditures.


  1. Get valuable experience to get ready for the corporate world: Doing an internship not only helps you to earn pocket money but also helps you to gain experience. It is like a sneak peek into the corporate world for you before you are actually going out there. 


Slide 4: How you can earn pocket money?


    • Apply for work from home/part time internships: Start your journey by applying to internships that are easier to get like ‘work from home and part-time internships. Getting selected for these internships would open doors for you to get the first-hand experience and help you get ready for big opportunities.


  • Apply for campus ambassador internships: The best part of doing a campus ambassador internship is that you get to work from the college itself with your own convenience and also get a chance to earn a huge stipend.



Doing such internships is very easy as you don’t need any technical knowledge or experience beforehand. You also enjoy the perks of not traveling anywhere and can simply work from home/college. Any student can apply for such internships and kick-start their professional careers. 


Isn’t that all that we want? Now that I have discussed how you can earn pocket money, let’s move on to how you can gain experience as well –


Slide 5: How to gain experience?



  • Apply for the Technical Internships – 


These internships will help you to gain valuable skills and knowledge. Doing such internships creates a huge impact on your career and boosts your resume. We all know how tough it is to survive in the corporate world with so much competition, doing an internship right now will help you become different from other students out there.  



  • Apply for the NGO Internships – 


Such internships allow you to work closely on important societal issues and lets you to contribute to society. NGO internships not only add the value of work experience to your resume but also speak volumes about your ability to work in a real-time environment as well as about your character.


Now that we know how to gain experience and pocket money through internships, let us see where we can find such amazing internship opportunities?